Dawn of the Deadstock “Rocketeer” – Jalin Roze

After 6 months of filming and editing we finally have a new video!

ok… this video was actually a spur of the moment thing. Our web presence has just been little to none.
We’ve been busy with various projects since April, none of which have been mentioned on any of our sites. From here on out we’ll be sharing our videos, gear, photos, and more.

We shot this video back in late August during the Louisville Zombie Walk on Bardstown Rd. We were in the concept stage with Jalin for his next video, and called us up to see if we’d come out that night for an impromtu video. We liked the idea of using the Zombie Walk to make the production value of a run and gun video higher. The fun in shooting this way for us, is not knowing what your going to end up with until you get back to the edit suite. It was a nice break from the computer for a few hours.

Canon 7D
Zacuto Z-Finder
Canon 24-70mm f/2.8
Canon 50mm f/1.4

ISO 640, 1250, 3200
(mostly 3200)

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The Pass – Colors (Music Video)

The “Colors” music video for Louisville band The Pass is now on youtube. We shot for a full day two weeks ago with the Canon 7Ds. All footage was shot at 60p and converted to 24 frames per second for the true slomo look. The song is off their EP of the same name.

Buy Colors EP:


a Visual Space Media production

Director: Zach Hart
DP: Josh Kates / Michael Reyes

Production Team: Josh Kates / Michael Reyes

Editor: Josh Kates

Colorist: Michael Reyes





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Jalin Roze – Taxi

We have just wrapped up the “Taxi” video for Louisville’s Jalin Roze. This was a take away show, therefore most of the concept and direction were done in the two hours of shooting on Baxter Ave in Louisville, KY. To keep an eye on Louisville’s up and coming artist, stay informed by him and his group at http://savingourstyle.net.

FEW AND FAR BETWEEN the mixtape coming soon.

Hope you enjoy.

a Visual Space Media production

Director – Michael Reyes

Director of Photographer – Josh Kates

Post Production – Michael Reyes / Josh Kates

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Office Update 4/7

Made and posted an events board today (got to keep the men organized) and finally learned billings software!  (thanks youtube)  Ended the day with Five Guys burgers and fries! Now back at the office with Mike and Josh.  Mike’s editing and Josh is working with the cameras.  (cleaning them, I think) Tomorrow we are going to Carrollton for the film festival. Will let you know how that goes later!

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Green Building Session: Justin Lewis

We finished the Green Building Session with local artist Justin Lewis. This was the first time he played this song. Be sure to check him out in the lobby before the Norah Jones show at The Kentucky Center, this Friday March 12. This is the second Green Building Session, and we have continued to feature the building, artwork and musician.

Green Building Sessions Creator: Zach Hart

Director: Zach Hart

Cinematographers: Michael Reyes
Josh Kates

Post: Josh Kates

Justin Lewis
Artist: Gibbs Rounsavall
Green Building

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New Office at Mellwood Arts Center

We have just moved into our new office and have already begun getting the place ready. We will post pictures and more info soon.

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